The inspiration for the work Green tear –Vihreä kyynel, came from summer 2016, when Tyrväinen was using a wood heated kiln for making her art. Small drop that looked like a green tear appeared on a surface of one of the items.

First Tyrväinen thought that is was a fault with glazing – but kiln expert Anders Allik told her it is called bidoro and it brings good luck. Bidoro is rare and appreciated. Inspired by this little drop, Green tear was collaborated with master glass blower Kari Alakoski and glass blower Marja Hepoaho. The technique used is reticello.

Kraka is named by the glassblowing technique that is based on a Nordic legend of a woman who came draped in a fishing net..

Laine plates and cups get their personal surface in woodfiring. In a firing that takes several hours, flames, heat and ashes draw their unique patters on the surface. Every piece is a surprice when you open the kiln!

Pyry bowls and vases and Morse cups are made of coloured porcelain. The patterns are handpainted, which makes every piece one of a kind. These pieces are dishwasher proof.

On the Rocks -glasses get their inspiration from the nature.

Sand is used as a mold, that draws its unique patterns to every piece. Inspired by sandcasting a technique to use sand as a mold in small series was developed.

Glasses are Finnish handcraft. Every glass is one of a kind. Washing by hand is recommended.


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